Kitchen Linen

All kitchens need linens to maintain their freshness, cleanliness, and efficiency. Morgan Linen Service provides aprons and toweling to help your kitchen perform better.

We offer bistro, staff, and waiter aprons in addition to bib aprons and square aprons, for back of house as well.

Depending upon your needs, Morgan Linen Service offers kitchen toweling to keep your kitchens clean and your business efficient. Our terry cloth bar mops and linen bar towel can be used to clean spills and messes, polishing, cleaning, and utility purposes.

Regardless of your choice, our products will help keep your kitchen clean, meals fresh, and your business efficient.



Bib Aprons       Also Available:
Black   Navy   Black Bistro Aprons
Burgundy   Red   White Bistro Aprons
Cadet Blue   White   White Square Aprons
Forest Green        



Bar Mops, Terry Cloth, Blue Center Stripe
Bar Towels, Herringbone, Green Center Stripe
Glass Towels, Red Pinstripes