Products & Services


Morgan Linen Service offers a generous selection of products and services for a wide variety of establishments.  

Restaurants (including banquet halls, caterers, taverns, and resorts)
  Table cloths Chef and kitchen garments  
  Napkins   Toweling      
Hotel / Motel            
  Flat sheets Pillow cases    
  Fitted sheet Terry cloth products    
  Medical apparel   Sheeting   Thermal blankets   
  Lab coats   Towels   Ether blankets  
  Dental towels        
  Various patient and exam gowns    
Dust Control          
  Walk-off Mats        
  Colors include: Slate, Walnut, Burgundy  
  2.5' x 3'   4' x 6'      
  3' x 5'   3' x 10'      
  Customized logo mats by request    
  3' x 5' Comfort-Flow anti-fatigue mats    
  3' x 5' Rubber scraper mats      
  18", 24", 36", 48", and 60" Dust mops    
  XL Wet mops        
Other Products          
  Beauty massage towels      
  Barber towels        

As you can see, Morgan Linen Service provides a complete line of textile rental products.  We rent to and equally wide variety of business in addition to the restaurants, hotels, and medical offices.  Such other businesses include country clubs, salons, spas, fitness centers, massage studios, schools, and industrial settings just to name a few.

Even if you need to outsource your product to be washed, cleaned, and pressed, Morgan Linen Service can do that, too!  Please contact us to discuss your business needs today.  One of our laundry service professionals will get back to you right away!