Table Linens

Our large color selection of table cloths and napkins will create the image you are looking for. Morgan Linen Service will fit your table like a custom suit.

Click on the Table Designer to mix and match colors of table cloths and napkins to find the perfect combination for your dining area.

Click on the Room Designer to find the right color scheme based on the colors of your dining areas.

Click on Napkin Folding Techniques for creative ideas for setting your tables.

If you perfer, a Morgan Linen Service representative can meet with you to discuss ideas for colors and sizes that will help you achieve success!


NAPKINS - All colors are 20x20 

Black   Dresden Blue   Navy Blue   Plum   Sandalwood
Burgundy   Dusty Rose   Orange   Purple   Seafoam
Cadet Blue   Forest Green   Orchid   Raspberry   Teal
Champagne   Gold   Peach   Red   White
Chocolate   Grey   Pink   Rust   Yellow

 Also available:  White bistro napkin, 16x24, red stripes


42x42 Table Cloths

Black   Dresden Blue   Pink
Burgundy   Dusty Rose   Red
Cadet Blue   Forest Green   Sandalwood
Champagne   Gold   White


52x52 Table Cloths

Black   Dresden Blue   Pink   Blue Check
Burgundy   Dusty Rose   Purple   Green Check
Cadet Blue   Forest Green   Red   Red Check
Champagne   Gold   Sandalwood    
    Peach   White    


61x61 Table Cloths

Black   Dresden Blue   Peach
Burgundy   Dusty Rose   Pink
Cadet Blue   Forest Green   Red
Champagne   Gold   Sandalwood
    Orchid   White


71x71 Table Cloths

Black   Dusty Rose   Pink
Burgundy   Forest Green   Purple
Cadet Blue   Gold   Red
Champagne   Orchid   Sandalwood
Dresden Blue Peach   White


85x85 Table Cloths

Black   Dresden Blue   Orchid   Sandalwood
Burgundy   Dusty Rose   Peach   White
Cadet Blue   Forest Green   Pink    
Champagne   Gold   Purple    
Chocolate   Maize   Red    


54x114 Table Cloths

Black   Forest Green   Purple
Burgundy   Gold   Red
Cadet Blue   Orchid   Sandalwood
Champagne   Pink   White



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